These days, with the emergence of the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine even in the West, most people have been looking towards medicinal mushrooms as ‘superfoods’ – foods that hold large quantities of nutritional and medicinal value. The ones that aren’t toxic have been known to be used in food for their texture and their nutritional value, as well as, of course, for their medicinal properties. Some of these medicinal properties extend beyond just the physical; also providing emotional well-being and relief from stress and anxiety disorders.

However, with more than a million different kinds of edible mushrooms out there, it can be a bit difficult to figure out the ones that offer a lot more than taste. One particular kind of mushroom that has been trending in the West, even being hailed as the ultimate superfood by some is the Reishi mushroom.

The King of Mushrooms and the Elixir of Life

Discovered in China more than 2000 years ago, Reishi (Japanese) was known as Lingzhi by the Chinese, a term that translates to ‘divine or magic mushroom’, and ‘the mushroom of immortality’. This should give you a hint as to the advantages it has. Part of the genus Ganoderma, Reishi is extremely rare in its wild form, hailed as the ‘King of Mushrooms’ for its vast array of medicinal benefits for the human body. Reishi used to be ingested through tea in ancient practice, but in the modern-day, it comes in all different kinds of forms: capsules, teas, coffee blends, tablets, powders, and even toothpaste!

Reishi’s medicinal properties include fighting the decline of the immune system, by battling viral infections and contracted illnesses. For this attribute, modern healers prescribe a dosage of it to patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, and there have been cases of Reishi being used to augment the health of cancer patients.

This is why the Chinese believed Reishi to be the Mushroom of Immortality, because of its immense boosting of the human body’s natural health.

Mindfulness in the modern-day

These days, people use Reishi in many forms, pairing it with food to aid nutritional health, pairing it with medicinal chemicals for its health benefits. In the drone of corporate and modern urban life, Reishi products are used for mindfulness and spiritual augmentation.

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