Have you ever met someone with exceptionally high emotional intelligence? They are the ones that know how to talk to people and really get through to them, make those around them feel good, and are able to navigate difficult situations with a calm head in order to find creative solutions that benefit the most people. Not only do these skills make people well-liked, but they are also great for business.

With a rise in technology, bringing more automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to business, skills that only human beings can possess, is becoming increasingly important. According to an article from Forbes online, businesses that focus on the customer using the human element are far more successful. It’s almost like the revenge of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) during this surge of technology in business.

There is a multitude of free online tests you can take to evaluate your emotional intelligence and find your dominant personality traits. Regardless of your results, focus on emotional intelligence in order to build those skills that will make you an invaluable team member at your business.

What characteristics lead to high emotional intelligence?


People with great self-awareness are able to detect their own moods. They are centered on being present in the moment and in touch with their feelings. You can increase mindfulness and self-awareness by reflecting on the emotional expressions you had throughout each day. Keeping a journal is not a bad idea.


Once you are able to detect your emotions, you need to learn how to control them. You can use the power of perception and positive self talk to change your mood. If you feel angry often, learn what triggers your anger and use techniques such as breathing exercises to calm yourself.


Intrinsic motivation leads to massive success. Intrinsic means it’s sparked within yourself. Instead of being motivated by an outside influence, like a raise or promotion, you are motivated by your own desire to do well. You can boost this with self-discipline and goal setting.


The ability to see the perspectives and emotions of other people is considered to be a very important skill. Use your imagination and intentional thinking to see the viewpoint of other people. Try to separate your own perceptions or interpretations from other points of view.

Social Skills

Even if you have never considered yourself to be a “people person,” you can intentionally develop the skills to get there. Learn how to deal with conflict and uncomfortable situations. Work on building up your self-confidence and seek opportunities to surround yourself with people even if you are a natural introvert.

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