Herbal medicine dates back to the days before modern society itself. Throughout centuries, it was shown that herbs could have a positive impact on the body’s natural systems. They were used to treat common ailments and even relieve the symptoms of everything from wounds to incurable diseases. A certain group of herbs, referred to as “Adaptogenic” herbs, have specific qualities to support your body’s systems.

Adaptogenic herbs (or “adaptogens”) are able to aid your immune system and overall well being. They are also coveted for how they support your “stress response,” which represents your body’s ability to accommodate the stresses encountered in day-to-day life.

The History of Adaptogens

While adaptogens have been used for centuries, they are only now beginning to become mainstream as more people explore the power of ancient medicinal techniques, such as herbal remedies.

Adaptogens are a natural way to handle stress, increase your energy, and support many of your body’s systems (including your immune system).

They are sometimes called “tonics,” but regardless of the name you use for them, each type acts on a different system. For instance, you can find tonics to support the heart, while other tonics support your digestive system. All tonics are helpful in supporting a healthy body.

Adaptogens are considered regulators. They have both a general effect on your whole body and specific effects for specific systems, but the exact outcome will depend on the type of tonic you ingest.

Less Stress and Better Sleep

Stress is one of the most common causes of poor sleep in the United States. In fact, most people admit that sleep is the first thing they compromise on when they feel stressed. Far too often, we choose to stay up late or get up early to try and fit everything into our days. Then, when we try to get to sleep, we often lay awake tossing and turning due to stress and anxiety. The result is even more stress on our bodies, and the cycle continues.

In modern society, most people are quick to reach for caffeine–be it coffee or sugary soda–to power through a stressful day. The trouble is, caffeine is not sustainable. It gives your body a temporary boost since it acts as a stimulant, but it doesn’t last long. Before you know it, you’re crashing with no energy and, quite possibly, a headache or other side effects.

However, adaptogenic herbs can help your body handle both physical and emotional stress better, whether it comes from work, at home, or due to the rigors of your lifestyle. By supporting your body’s natural systems, these herbs help take the stress and worry off your shoulders, thereby improving sleep and even your energy levels during the day.

Stronger Immune Response

Less stress and better sleep aren’t the only benefits of adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens are beginning to get a lot of attention for other reasons, too.

In fact, adaptogens play a major role in supporting your body’s immune system. A great example is Ginseng, which (among other things) helps your body fight bad bacteria and infections. Such a tonic is best taken regularly, although the dosage would depend on what else you are taking.  There are various types of adaptogens with great benefits for your body and wellbeing. At Empyrean we provide a fresh perspective to bring you the medicinal value of plant-based extracts through our innovative formulas.

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