Despite the popularity that Traditional Chinese Medicine has gained in the west recently, it is a practice that dates back to 2,200 years ago. Of all traditional health and therapy systems, Chinese medicinal techniques are amongst the most widespread across the globe. To this day, most of these ancient health techniques are practiced as go-to treatments in many parts of the world.

It is necessary for us to help our body by strengthening its natural immunity.

Ancient techniques such as these have often faced censure in some health circles, but statistics show that the use of herbal medicines and therapies have proven useful in many situations. It is this evidence that got the World Health Organization to approve the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in modern healthcare regimes.

Balancing the Life Energy

Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM for short, is based around a popular belief in ancient Chinese therapy. The belief is, that each living body possesses an energy force called Qi. This energy force is what links the spirit, body, and the mind together, aiding our natural life on the earth. Most of the ailments, either physical, mental or emotional, are due to an imbalance in the QiIf this energy force weakens or gets blocked by some external source, it would lead to illness.

TCM, at its core, is about restoring the Qi back to an optimal state for daily living. The belief comes from the concept of yin (the passive, non-direct life force) and yang (the active, direct life force). An imbalance in these two opposite forces in the body can cause illness and emotional or physical distress. Traditional herbal medicine, therefore, attempts to restore this imbalance through natural, non-invasive means. Using nature’s tools, TCM aims for natural remedies rather than chemical medications to provide healthy cures.

It goes without saying that Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that prevention is better than cure. This is why such remedies and herbal supplements can be ingrained into your daily life to help strengthen your Qi so that it is more resistant to disease.

A Tonic to Survive the Modern daily grind

In this fast-paced era, we have progressed to healthier alternatives for most things. However, the stress of the daily grind often causes an imbalance in our mental health. Physical manifestations of stress are insomnia, migraines and even backache, to name a few. It is necessary for us to help our body by strengthening its natural immunity.

One such supplement is the Lucidity Tonic by Empyrean, an herbal supplement created to boost your mood and replenish your energy. With its unique blend of herbs and fungi extracts, the tonic is designed to be a remedy to stress and a way to aid the nervous system. The supplement is 100% natural and can be consumed in a variety of ways; with tea, before or after food, or with water. The Lucidity tonic, true to its name, is a great way to boost your mind and ready yourself for the day’s challenges.

Go Lucid. Go Beyond. Go Empyrean.

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