The Best Plant And Mushrooms Therapies to Improve Your Mood

With our modern stressful lifestyles, mental health issues are on the rise worldwide. But through the power of adaptogens, you can combat mental health issues in your own life and improve your mood. Plants and mushrooms are a natural way to enhance the wellness of your mind, body, and soul all at the same time. So, see below to discover the right adaptogens for you!

What are Adaptogenic Myco Botanicals?

Myco botanicals are herbal medicines made from mushrooms or fungi, and adaptogens are a group of plant medicines directly targeted at reducing the effects of stress on the body. When people hear about medicinal mushrooms, they often envision psilocybin, commonly known as magic mushrooms, famous for its hallucinogenic effects. But there are innumerable different species of mushrooms in existence, each with its own unique medicinal effects.

The 3 Best Plants + Mushrooms for Mental Wellness

People have been using plant medicine around the world for thousands of years. But, in recent times, science has finally caught up to prove the many medicinal benefits of these potent adaptogens. See below for an overview of the top 3 mushrooms for improving your mental wellness and mood.

1.   Reishi Gold (Ganoderma curtisii)

Reishi mushrooms are a famous staple of Eastern medicine.  This mushroom is a well-known adaptogen that has profound antioxidant properties and anti-cancer effects.  It is primarily used to reduce fatigue and depression, improve heart health, and boost the immune system.

2.   California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

California poppy is a potent herbal medicine that is used as a general relaxant for the body and mind.  Research on this plant indicates that it may reduce anxiety, improve insomnia, relieve general aches and pains, and calm the nervous system.

3.   American Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora)

Skullcap is a wonderful traditional plant medicine that is beneficial for improving mood, reducing anxiety, enhancing cardiovascular health, and as a general anti-inflammatory.  It also has significant antibacterial and antiviral effects, giving it wonderful immune-boosting properties as well.

Final Thoughts

The Global Burden of Disease study from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation estimated that in 2017, at least 792 million people lived with some type of mental health disorder. These conditions, when not treated, can have a negative impact in our overall health.

Mushrooms are a potent form of plant medicine that can be used to enhance our mood and improve general wellness in a natural way and without side effects. So, try them out and begin to feel the transformation in your own life today!

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