The universal energy of Qi is all around us. Flowing through all things, this invisible life force can be harnessed to help you heal your body and calm your mind. While western science has yet to recognize or nail down its existence, millions of people around the world know what it is and what it can do for them through their own experience. You don’t even have to be a yogi or a master of mysticism in order to enjoy the benefits of Qi. Here are a few ways how an average person can find their Qi energy.

Generally speaking, Qi can be found through intentional thinking and breathing exercises. Although you can find a set of instructions to access the universal energy of Qi online, the following is a useful summary.

Grab your meditation mat and sit with perfect posture as you ready yourself for this inward journey. Touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth has been found to be an important factor in finding Qi, so do that as well. You’ll go through a series of breathing techniques including abdominal breathing which is often used in meditation.

Next, involve the mind by imagining your physical body is made of light, floating through an ocean that is also made up of a type of glow. Find yourself immersed in Qi, simply saturated with positivity. When you breath in you’ll be inhaling Qi along with the air around you. Using the power of your mind, store your Qi deep within your energy field which is located right under your belly button. You can never inhale too much Qi, your body will simply return whatever amount you don’t need back into the universe when you exhale.

People experience Qi in different ways, even feeling new, electrifying sensations in their extremities. Glowing skin and bright eyes have also been associated with Qi energy storage. Overall you will feel confident and focused. This calming exercise can be done as often as you like and should be part of your meditation routine for health and wellbeing.

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Go Lucid. Go Beyond. Go Empyrean.

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