We live in a society that praises multi-tasking and high-powered careers or entrepreneurship that demand high energy and focus 125% of the time. And your responsibilities don’t end with work, you may still have a family to take care of when you get home and social obligations. After months or even years of burning the candle at both ends, your mind and body start to feel the pressure and begin to deteriorate.

First, you start to notice that you’re sleeping less, spending nights tossing and turning uncomfortably and waking up repeatedly during the night. Stress makes it hard for you to eat a balanced diet, gives you a lack of appetite or trouble digesting foods, leading to an upset stomach or heartburn. When depression sets in, you find yourself enjoying lifeless and less or anxiety keeps your mind churning to the point that your reaction is snapping at family and friends for no reason.

Doing great at work and being miserable at home is no way to live fully. You can have it all, but it’s going to take the balance and a focus on your mental and spiritual wellness as part of a holistic health journey.

The Stress-Reducing Magic Of Adaptogens

One way to reduce stress naturally is with adaptogens. Adaptogens are non-toxic herbs and roots or ancient plants that have the ability to decrease the production of stress-inducing hormones. These adaptogens have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine and are just now finding their footing in the west. Ashwagandha has shown to significantly reduce stress levels in your body.

Another great adaptogen micro-dosing blend is QI Tonic from Empyrean. This energy adaptogen blend nourishes the adrenals and nervous system, relaxes the mind, uplifts the mood, and helps the body respond to stress.

Other Ways To Beat Business Burnout

In addition to using supplements and adaptogens to naturally reduce stress levels in your brain, there are other simple things you can do to help prevent burnout. All of these ideas center on relaxing the mind, fulfilling the spirit, supporting your physical health and creating a better balance. Think of ways you can improve the quality of your life so that you can heal from the high pressures of the day:

  • Take occasional breaks.
  • Improve your diet and lifestyle.
  • Outsource or ask for help.

Go Lucid. Go Beyond. Go Empyrean.