Mushroom Growing On Tree

Mushrooms! Every day we are discovering more and more about the fascinating world of fungi, of which the most familiar form is the good ole mushroom. Bonus points if you knew that yeasts and molds are also fungi.

But back to the mushroom! Mushrooms come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and grow all over the world. Many mushrooms can heal you with their powerful, curative benefits. Reishi, for example, has been used for more than 2,000 years according to Chinese texts. Mushrooms can also feed you. We all know the heavenly pleasure of pizza topped with mushrooms, but there are so many ways to include mushrooms in your cuisine. Finally, there are even a variety of mushrooms that can kill you. Yikes!

To celebrate the fascinating world of mushrooms, we’re bringing you 5 things you didn’t know about mushrooms until now. Cue the music. 

You can filter water with mushrooms

Organizations like Ocean Blue Project, an ecological restoration nonprofit, use a combination of mushroom spawn, coffee grounds and straw (in a sack). These sacks are then placed before storm drains, where they’ll filter contaminated water. 

Penicillin was derived from a fungi

That’s right! One of the greatest medicinal breakthroughs in history, allowing us to fight off potentially lethal infections, was derived from penicillium fungi, of which there are more than 300 species. 

More than 80% of the earth under your feet is mushroom parts (mycelium)

What!? That’s right, all of us are stepping on a vast, underground network of fungi “roots” called mycelium, for up to 300 miles beneath our feet! This underground network allows for plants and trees to communicate from a distance. That’s right, plants and trees can communicate with each other. 

Mushrooms are genetically closer to plants? Wrong!

It seems incredible, but mushrooms are genetically closer to us humans than to plants. It seems that 1300 million years ago, they went their own genetic way. It’s ok plants. We still like you. 

There’s a mushroom called “Chicken of the Woods”

And it tastes like fried chicken! We almost couldn’t believe this when we first learned of it, but it’s true! Even though you can find this mushroom all over the world, it is most common in North America. It can sometimes even resemble a fried piece of buffalo chicken. 

Whether you find them in the wild, at the supermarket or on your plate, mushrooms are more a part of our lives than we might have previously imagined.

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