Over the last few decades, we’ve been making a shift from being concerned with general health to focusing on overall wellness. Instead of the constant focus on the number of pounds showing up on a scale, millennials have moved the dial to open discussions on how the mind, spirit, and body can all work together to achieve total wellbeing.

If you look at wellness from the perspective of enriching the mind and soul as the foundation for a healthy body, then you start to see why people are embracing a holistic health approach. There are many good reasons to make your physical and mental wellness a priority as we head into the new year.

Top Reasons To Focus On Wellness:

1. Get Sick Less Often

When your overall wellness is in check, then your physical health naturally follows. You’ll spend less time with annoying colds, wake up with fewer aches and pains, and be less susceptible to common illnesses and diseases. Weight loss will be easier and you’ll suffer less inflammation and GI (Glycemic Index) problems which wreaks havoc on your whole body.

2. Save Money Year After Year

Getting sick less often has another happy side-effect, lower out-of-pocket expenses. You’ll no longer have to shell out big bucks for co-pays and pharmacy runs. Getting sick less will also mean not having to take off work as often. The overall return on investment of focusing on your wellness is huge.

3. Be Happier

Wellness isn’t just about a special diet, it’s also about self-care and taking time to heal your mind. People don’t often realize how much of their emotional health has to do with their physical health. Finding a balance in life and feeding your spiritual soul can go a long way in staying away from anxiety.

4. Have More Energy

Rev up your energy level with holistic wellness. You’ll be getting more sleep and spend less time worrying about getting sick or living up to your potential. Oils and supplements from ancient healing plants can also give your mind and body clarity for higher energy levels.

5. Become An Inspiration

The only thing better than improving your own life is being the light that inspires others around you. Be the one who shows your family, friends, and community the life-altering benefits of focusing on wellness over traditional health.

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Go Lucid. Go Beyond. Go Empyrean.

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