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Functional Mushrooms and Botanical Extracts

For thousands of years, people have harnessed the healing properties of mushrooms and plants to improve their wellness and live a more balanced, healthier life.

Now, you have the opportunity to benefit your health and wellbeing with the same techniques that have been practiced since ancient times. Empyrean Myco Botanical products give you the power to build your personal health stack, undergo transformative change, and take your body and mind to a heightened level of mental and physical bliss.

Grow your health, your consciousness, and gain clarity. Go beyond.

Discover Our Products

We deliver powerful healing creations that elevate by nature your mind and restores your body.

Explore the therapeutic benefits of our tinctures, capsules, and tonics and discover how they increase your health and overall wellbeing. Witness how your bodily and mental functions improve in just a matter of days. Are you prepared to elevate your life?

About Our Approach

We aspire to help you unleash your capabilities, reach your potential, and cultivate a healthier mind and body.

We do this by combining ancient and modern healing practices, natural therapies and resources, scientific methods, and state-of-the-art technology to create products designed to achieve a higher level of consciousness and wellbeing.

Our products are vehicles to build a healthy mind and a healthy body.  Develop unique and limitless capacities through natural therapies and all natural formulations.

Reach A Superior State Of Mind And Wellbeing

Nature provides us with the best resources to develop unique formulas. Our products harness the medicinal value of full-spectrum extracts, the benefits of microdosing select ingredients, and the synergy created by blending them.

Get instant access to special features, new product launches, exclusive promotions, and let us help you elevate your mind, restore your body, and untap your full potential through the powers of natural therapies.

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